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Keyshia Dior aka Keyshia Ka’Oir has three kids but they don’t live in Jamaica.  They live in Miami.  Gucci Mane also has a son from a previous relationship.  Scroll down to see Keyshia’s beautiful wedding ring.  In episode 2 of The Mane Event, “A Very Wopster Wedding” we saw Gucci and Keyshia’s huge mansion in Miami along with her red Lamborghini.

During an interview, Keyshia is asked about her children.  She explains that in the entertainment business, some things have to be kept private.  Keyshia Dior is on a reality TV show so she can’t actually believe that.  She’s also married to one of the most popular rappers in the world so the private life she once lived no longer exists.

Keyshia Dior Kids, Ring, Wiki
Keyshia Dior Kids, Ring, Wiki

The episode also featured Gucci’s former manager, Amina Diop.  When Gucci got sent to jail he saw Keyshia in XXL, a hip-hop magazine and told Amina that he wanted her in his video.  Amina contacted Keyshia and made it happen.  When Gucci got out of jail, Keyshia appeared in his “911 Emergency” video.

Amina introduced Keyshia to Gucci so Keyshia thought it was important for her to be a bridesmaid.  Amina doesn’t get along with Keyshia’s best friend and maid of honor, Erica.  The two ladies insulted each other on The Mane Event.
The image below shows Keyshia’s beautiful wedding ring:
Keyshia Dior Ring
Keyshia Dior Ring

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