Keyshia Cole Father – Virgil Hunter

Keyshia Cole’s father, Virgil Hunter makes an appearance on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season 4, episode 13, “Exit Stage Left.” Virgil is a legendary boxing trainer.  One day he was in a car with one of him and Keyshia’s mutual friends when one of Keyshia’s songs started playing.  He told the friend that he thought Keyshia could be his daughter.

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Virgil explained that him and Keyshia’s mother had a childhood relationship.  They decided to take a DNA test and the results came back positive.  Keyshia Cole didn’t find out who her father was until she was 34-years-old.  Some people consider that too late but not Keyshia and Virgil.  The pair was seen bonding on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Keyshia Cole Father Virgil Hunter
Keyshia Cole Father Virgil Hunter

Virgil Hunter Net Worth As Of 2017: $300,000

Keyshia Cole wasn’t exaggerating when she called her father a legendary boxing trainer.  Virgil Hunter has trained some of the best boxers in the world including Andre Ward, Amir Khan and Chazz Witherspoon.  He started his career as a trainer while working with young boys in the probations department.
Virgil tells Keyshia that he’s thinking about writing some music and Keyshia advises him to stay in his lane.  Cole admits that she would love to try out the boxing ring but Virgil tells her that she doesn’t need anymore fighting in her life.

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