JLo In Chris Brown Video – Welcome To My Life

Chris Brown recently had an interesting interview with Angie Martinez.  During the interview, Angie discusses JLo’s appearance is Brown’s video.  She was referring to Lopez’s appearance in Chris Brown’s documentary Welcome To My Life.  In the video below, Lopez compliments Chris, explaining that he’s one of the few artists who can sing, dance and perform on a high level.

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Chris Brown has 800 unreleased songs on his phone

During an interview with Ebro In The Morning, Chris reveals that he has more than 800 unreleased tracks on his phone.  Fans are excited about his 45-track double album, Heartbreak On A Full Moon set to release on October 31, 2017.  Initially, I thought 45 songs was too many but when you’re sitting on more than 800 tracks what’s the point of holding on to them?

JLo In Chris Brown Video
JLo In Chris Brown Video

Check out JLo’s kind words about Chris from his Welcome To My Life documentary:

JLo and A. Rod are playing house

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are taking their relationship to the next level.  They are currently looking for a house together.  Lopez reminds us to keep on dating no matter how many failed relationships you’ve been in.  Each time she breaks up with someone I jump to the conclusion that she’ll give up on dating but she keeps proving me wrong.

What did you think about JLo’s appearance in Chris Brown’s Welcome To My Life? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.