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Jhonni Blaze – Shauna Brooks, Stevie J #LHH Spoilers

The Instagram post below shows Jhonni Blaze airing out Stevie J and multiple other members of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast.  It looks like Jhonni’s relationship with VH1 is over.  The video at the end of this article shows her recent appearance on Black Ink Crew Chicago.  Jhonni Blaze is the latest addition to Stevie J’s long list of enemies.

Shauna Brooks is about to air out Stevie J

Jhonni Blaze revealed that Stevie J was in a relationship with transgender model, Shauna Brooks and Shauna has receipts.  This reminds me of Stevie J’s secret 2-year-old daughter.  Him and Mimi pulled up on Promise B. Mae just to find out that she was a fraud.  We’ll see if Shauna has more reliable receipts.

Jhonni Blaze Shauna Brooks Stevie J
Jhonni Blaze Shauna Brooks Stevie J

Stevie J used Just Brittany to make Joseline jealous

Rick Ross’ artist, Just Brittany recently became the first lady of Maybach Music.  Stevie J still hates Rick Ross because of the infamous picture he took with Joseline Hernandez.  Ross and Brittany appeared on VH1’s reality competition series, Signed and now it looks like they’ll be on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  Jhonni Blaze explains that Stevie uses Just Brittany to try to make Joseline jealous.

Jasmine Washington is lying about Kirk Frost being her baby daddy

Finally, Jhonni Blaze exposes Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for convincing Jasmine Washington to lie about Kirk Frost being her baby daddy.  Mona Scott Young and VH1 kept that storyline going for an entire season and we finally know the truth.

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By Jason John

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