Is Maggie Still Pregnant? – Walking Dead Season 8

Twitter’s reaction to Maggie still being pregnant on season 8 of The Walking Dead was epic.  I episode 1 of season 8, “Mercy” we see that Judith is aging but Maggie is somehow two minutes pregnant.  We need a timeline because this isn’t making too much sense.  I guess the baby doesn’t want to come out and have to deal with Negan.

Did Maggie lose the baby on The Walking Dead? After watching her husband, Glenn, get killed by Negan, Maggie headed to the Hilltop to see a doctor about her pregnancy pains.  Negan and crew think she’s dead but she’s alive and still pregnant.  In episode 15 of season 7, “Something They Need” we see Maggie showing off her leadership skills at the Hilltop.

Gregory follows Maggie outside the walls of the community

Maggie heads outside the fences to work on the blueberry.  Gregory follows her.  It looked like he wanted trouble but he wants to present a united front to the Hilltoppers.  Maggie agrees and says she’ll talk to him later if he’s being sincere.  Gregory considers stabbing Maggie but thinks twice.  A couple walkers show up and Gregory isn’t able to kill them.

Is Maggie Still Pregnant? Walking Dead Season 7
Is Maggie Still Pregnant? Walking Dead Season 7

Maggie kills the walkers.  She also vouches for Gregory who looks like a liability.  She tells a group of Hilltoppers that witnessed the incident that Gregory hasn’t killed before.  One of the Hilltoppers replies “That’s not what he told us.”

Gregory fells weak so he turns to alcohol.  He heads back to his office where he considers heading to The Sanctuary to accept Simon’s offer and rat Maggie out.The tweet below explains that Maggie’s baby will be grown by the time she gives birth.  She has been pregnant forever!


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