Hell Rell Gets Knocked Out? – Net Worth 2017

Did Hell Rell get knocked out? The video at the end of this article shows the rapper on the sidewalk, lying on his back.  He’s either drunk or someone knocked him out.  He claims that he didn’t get knocked out but who would admit to losing a fight? The rapper, whose real name is Durrell Mohammad is best known as a former member of The Diplomats.

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Hell Rell Net Worth As Of 2017: $900,000

Hell Rell’s $900,000 net worth was earned through his hip hop career.  He joined The Diplomats in 2004.  The original Dipset included Cam’ron, Jim Jones and Freekey Zekey.  Along with Hell Rell, Juelz Santana, J. R. Writer and 40 Cal. joined the group.

Hell Rell Gets Knocked Out? Net Worth 2017
Hell Rell Gets Knocked Out? Net Worth 2017

If Cam’ron finds out what really happened to Hell Rell, he won’t hesitate to share the news with the world.  Cam loves calling out his old crew.  He recently revealed what happened between him and Jim Jones.

Cam exposed Jim Jones for trying to start a fake beef with him.  He also explained that he made a mistake by teasing Jim for falling in love with Chrissy Lampkin.  Cam didn’t understand that Jones was head over heels.

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