Hazel-E – Jess Hilarious Exposed, Beef

The beef between Hazel-E and Jess Hilarious is getting serious.  Jess recently called Hazel out because her book, Girl Code only has one star on Amazon.  Hazel clapped back by insulting Jess for a photoshoot she had with her son.  The photoshoot led to negative comments.  Jess is naked and her son only has shorts on.

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Former NBA player, Gilbert Arenas shared his thoughts about the photoshoot along with comedian Corey Holcomb.

Hazel-E Jess Hilarious Exposed
Hazel-E Jess Hilarious Exposed
Hazel called out Jess regarding her leaked pics and Jess clapped back.  The problem with this beef is both ladies have no filter.  Hazel and Jess will say anything to hurt each other’s feelings.  This type of beef usually leads to lawsuits.
Jess Hilarious Insults Hazel-E
Jess Hilarious Insults Hazel-E
The image below shows Jess’ photoshoot.  Some compared the pic to Beyonce’s pregnant photoshoot while others think the pics are disgusting.
Hazel E Insults Jess Hilarious
Hazel-E Insults Jess Hilarious

What do you think about the pics? Gilbert Arenas responded to the pics by pointing out a gender-based double standard.  He explained that there would be an uproar if a man were to post the same pics with his child.

Corey Holcomb proclaimed that the photoshoot is what’s wrong with black America.  He thinks that black mothers wanted their sons to be females.

What do you think about the beef between Hazel-E and Jess Hilarious? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.