Eva Marcille – Domestic Violence, Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille was a victim of domestic violence.  Two months after Eva and her baby daddy, Kevin McCall welcomed their daughter, Marley Rae, Eva had to file a restraining order on Kevin.  In episode 2 of VH1’s Scared Famous, “Death Is Coming!” Eva brings up the tragic event after finding out that Don Benjamin planned to donate to Peace Over Violence because his mother was a victim of domestic violence.

Kevin McCall discusses his struggles with domestic violence with Iyanla Vanzant

Last year, Kevin McCall appeared on Iyanla Fix My Life to discuss his struggles with domestic violence.  A few months later a woman accused Kevin of beating her unconscious.  In Eva’s restraining order she explained that McCall kicked down multiple doors in their house and snatched their daughter out her hands.

Kevin McCall Eva Marcille Domestic Violence
Kevin McCall Eva Marcille Domestic Violence

Don comforts Eva

Don explained how difficult it was to witness his mother getting beat when he was too small to defend her.  There wasn’t a dry eye at the table.  Eva couldn’t handle it and went into her room.  Don comforts Eva and explains that he’s fighting to stop what she dealt with.  Eva explains that Don makes her feel like she’s not alone and shouldn’t feel ashamed.

The following video shows Kevin McCall’s appearance on Iyanla Fix My Life:

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