Eric Holder Wife – Sharon Malone, Family

Will Eric Holder’s wife, Sharon Malone, be the next First Lady of the United States? In a recent interview, Rachel Maddow asked Holder, the former Attorney General, if he planned on running for office and he explained that he’s “not saying no.” If Holder decides to run for president 2020, and wins, his beautiful wife, Sharon Malone would be our new First Lady.

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Sharon Malone is a doctor

Melania Trump was a model while Dr. Sharon Malone is an obstetrician gynecologist.  She has been in private practice since 1992.  She has delivered more than 600 babies and she’s the mother of three children.  Prior to attending medical school, Malone worked at IBM as a systems engineer.

Eric Holder Wife Sharon Malone, Family
Eric Holder Wife Sharon Malone, Family

Sharon Malone attended Harvard undergrad and Columbia Medical School

Dr. Sharon Malone graduated cum laude from Harvard University in 1981 and then attended Columbia’s Medical School.  Eric Holder also attended Columbia University.  In 1973 he earned his bachelors and in 1976 he graduated from Columbia’s Law School.

Sharon Malone is a self-made woman with an impressive background.  She explained to Essence that she decided not to take her husband’s last name because she was already “Dr. Malone” when they got married and she wanted to pay homage to her parents.

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