Chance The Rapper – Girlfriend, Kirsten Corley 2017

Chance the Rapper was spotted at a Chicago Bulls preseason game with his girlfriend, Kirsten Corley.  Earlier this year, the former couple reached an agreement in their child support case.  They have an adorable daughter named Kensli.  Chance and Kirsten were living together but then things got complicated.

Chance’s career took off overnight.  I think that’s why his relationship with Kirsten didn’t work out.  Who knew Coloring Book would make Chance one of the most popular entertainers on the planet? Now that things have calmed down, Chance and Kirsten can adjust to Chance’s fame and create the best environment for Kensli.

Chance The Rapper Girlfriend Kirsten Corley 2017
Chance The Rapper Girlfriend Kirsten Corley 2017

Chance’s lyrics prove that he always has the right words.  Hopefully he’ll be able to use them to get Kirsten back.  It would be great for Kensli to grow up in a two-parent household.

The Chicago Bulls are rebuilding.  They gave away Jimmy Butler and bought out Dwyane Wade.  Michael Jordan spoiled the Chicago Bulls so the organization has an all or nothing mentality.  They probably won’t make the playoffs this season but they were happy to see Chance at a game:

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By Jason John

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