Brandon T. Jackson Claps Back At Bow Wow

Actor, Brandon T. Jackson and Bow Wow aka Shad Moss are beefing on social media.  A fan asked Bow Wow about Lottery Ticket 2 and Bow Wow responded “Not w/ Brandon T. Jackson weird a**.” The 2010 film featured Bow Wow as Kevin Carson while Brandon played Benny.  Brandon clapped back at Bow Wow explaining that he was reaching out to the rapper out of love.

Ice Cube was one Lottery Ticket‘s producers and he also appeared in the film.  Bow Wow’s character wins a $370 million lottery in the movie.  It’s usually easy to disagree with Bow Wow but Jackson has had some questionable moments.  In 2013 US Airways kicked Brandon off a flight for being drunk.  He was playing loud music and refused to turn it down.

Brandon T. Jackson Bow Wow Beef
Brandon T. Jackson Bow Wow Beef
In the Instagram post below, Jackson calls Bow Wow out for photoshopping himself into pictures.  Bow Wow recently posted a picture the Death Row roster.  The pic shows Bow Wow photoshopped between Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight.
Jackson says that Bow Wow ignores his phone calls.  He warns the rapper that he’s a comedian.  Brandon gives Bow Wow a reality check, explaining that he’s not happy with himself and the whole world can see it.

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By Jason John

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