Amy Luciani – Young Thug Side Chick

Amy Luciani is Young Thug’s alleged side chick.  The rapper’s fiancée, Jerrika Karlae recently exposed him for cheating after searching through his phone.  Jerrika found pictures of Amy, one of her former friends.  Luciani calls Jerrika out for leaking the picture.  She says Jerrika is a lame and claims that she has receipts.

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We have to do better.  Oprah’s Black Love series is inspiration for black couples around the world.  If you know you can’t be faithful don’t get engaged.  Can Young Thug expect people to respect his fiancée when he’s out here disrespecting her? Amy’s argument is that “You can’t take what you didn’t have.”

Amy Luciani Young Thug Side Chick
Amy Luciani Young Thug Side Chick

When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.  Young Thug clearly didn’t learn that lesson.  In the video below, the rapper claims that multiple people use his phone so the pictures weren’t sent to him.

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Young Thug is not only making Jerrika look stupid, he’s expecting her to believe a horrible lie.  The rapper is making life difficult for men around the world.  In the following post, Tammy Rivera explains that she’s having flashbacks of Waka Flock’s cheating:

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