XXXTentacion – Shaved Eyebrows, New Tree Tattoo

XXXTentacion shaved his eyebrows and got a new tree tattoo.  He also changed the color of his hair from blonde and black to grey or silver.  XXXTentacion is trying to empower you to be yourself.  He explained that our physical identities shouldn’t be the same.  Everyone should feel free enough to be their own individual person.

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XXXTentacion truly doesn’t care what people think about him.  One thing he does care about is attention.  This reminds me of the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight that never happened.  They didn’t let a day go by without marketing their fight.  At the end, it backfired because they didn’t end up fighting.

XXXTentacion Shaved Eyebrows New Tree Tattoo
XXXTentacion Shaved Eyebrows New Tree Tattoo

Like Chris and Soulja, X is too thirsty for attention.  He’s doing too much and it will eventually blow up in his face.  His appearance was fine and effective.  There are still people who wouldn’t recognize him so it’s too early to be experimenting with different looks.

X’s debut album, 17 is dominating the charts.  He should focus on collaborating with other successful artists and leave social media alone.  I would love to hear him and Chance the Rapper on a track.

What do you think about XXXTentacion’s shaved eyebrows? How about his new tree tattoo? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.