Why Was Trae Tha Truth Banned From Houston Radio?

The video and picture below shows Trae Tha Truth in Houston with Beyonce.  The Houston natives helped out people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  While Houston’s radio stations were excited to discuss Beyonce’s charity, they were hesitant to mention Trae’s name because he’s banned from Houston radio.

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Trae was banned from Houston radio after his Trae Day event in 2009.  Eight people were shot at the event.  He tried to explain his side of the story on KBXX 97.9, stating that he doesn’t condone violence.  The youngest person that was shot was 14, so one of the radio host was very emotional.  She blamed Trae’s lyrics for the incident.

Why Is Trae Tha Truth Banned From Houston Radio?
Why Is Trae Tha Truth Banned From Houston Radio?

Trae called the radio host out on his The Incredible Truth mixtape, leading Radio One to announce that his music was banned and advertisements concerning him were not to be aired.  Trae’s from Houston so DJs that worked for the station supported him.  That backfired.  When the DJs played his music they were fired.

Beyonce taught us to make Lemonade out of life’s lemons and that’s exactly what Trae has done.  The rapper, whose real name is Frazier Othel Thompson III is the host of Banned Radio on XXL.

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