Who Killed Gee Money? NBA Youngboy?

People on social media think that NBA Youngboy killed Gee Money.  Police have not revealed any suspects or motives.  In a recent interview, Gee Money explained that NBA was mad at him because he was in a very brief relationship with NBA’s sister.  Gee Money was murdered a few days after he released a diss track where he took shots at NBA Youngboy.

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There’s no doubt about NBA and Gee Money being involved in gangs.  The rappers were both seen in videos with guns.  One of those guns may have been used to shoot and kill Gee Money.

Once NBA was released from jail, Boosie advised him to leave Louisiana.  Boosie knew NBA needed to stay out of trouble and that’s impossible in the streets of Louisiana.

Who Killed Gee Money? NBA Youngboy?
Who Killed Gee Money? NBA Youngboy?

The following pic shows NBA and Gee Money back in the day.  They used to live with each other and they should have discussed their differences.  Although NBA may not have killed Gee Money, one of NBA’s fans may have murdered him.

It may seem like entertainment but you never know who is listening.  Rappers need to be more careful and think twice before delivering controversial lyrics.

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