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What Time Does Empire Come On?

Tuesdays = Empire and everyone is asking: What time does Empire come on?

The Empire TV show comes on at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Season 3 will continue to explore Cookie and Lucious’ crazy relationship.  The last time we saw the pair, Lucious was busy ruining Cookie’s relationship with Angelo.  Lucious is now shooting his shot and trying to win Cookie’s heart.  Jamal will definitely have something to say/sing about that.  He still hates his father.

What Time Does Empire Come On?
What Time Does Empire Come On?
Rhonda is dead and Andre is back to his evil ways.  He’s reminding us that he’s Lucious’ son.  Andre and Nessa have plans to take over Empire Entertainment.


Where we left off…

The show is back for its third season! We finally get to find out who dies, Anika or Rhonda! I don’t want either one to go but this is Empire we’re talking about here.  We’ll be providing post on all the show’s new character so back sure you subscribe by submitting your email address below.

What channel does Empire come on?

The next question most of us ask after we determine what time Empire comes on is what channel does empire come on:

  • Fox

The second season of Empire will include 18 episodes.  The season will be split into a fall and spring season.  In it’s first season Empire set a new benchmark for success by increasing its audience each week in its 13-episode run.

The cast of Empire has been treated very well by Fox: The network has been negotiating with the show’s stars and even rewarded them Rolex watches after the show broke numerous records in its first season.



Cast of Empire Fox
Cast of Empire Fox
The Empire TV show had 16.2 million viewers on its first night.  The show’s number of viewers increased to more than 20 million with the next two days figured in.


The decision to include Becky G on Empire’s second season was a great choice! The cast of Empire supported Becky G’s Empire appearance by providing the 18 year old pop star great tips to get through filming.

Becky G, Empire’s Valentina, was recently defeated in a game of flip cup:


We were able to see Becky G on Empire’s second episode of the show’s second season.  On the episode she impresses Hakeem, Empire’s former promising artist who is now a part of Cookie Lyon’s recording company.

It will be interesting to see what the future has in store for Hakeem. Empire’s visionary and leader, Lucious Lyon, is fresh out of jail after recording a classic with Montana of 300. On Empire’s second episode, Without a Country, Lucious records the street anthem Snitch Bitch.


The decision to include Montana of 300 on Empire’s second episode was a wonderful casting choice.  The appearance was the young rapper’s acting debut.  Some of Montana of 300’s best songs include ‘Air Jordan’, ‘I Don’t Like’ (remix) and ‘Chiraq’ (remix).


What channel is Empire on?
For those that got this far and forgot the answer to your original question: What channel is Empire on?
Empire is on Fox on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST

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