What Happened To Lucious On Empire? – Leg Amputated

Lucious Lyon’s leg was amputated after suffering injuries from a car bombing.  Andre and Shine set him up but then Andre changed his mind.  Lucious appointed Andre the head of Empire Entertainment so Andre tried to stop Lucious from going into the car.  It was too late and now Lucious is suffering memory loss.

In episode 1 of Empire‘s fourth season, “Noble Memory” we see Lucious struggle to remember his past.  In one of the saddest moments of the episode Lucious, Cookie, Hakeem, Jamal and Andre are having dinner and Lucious wants to hear one of his old songs.  When the song starts playing, Lucious asks who wrote it and Cookie reveals that she did.

What Happened To Lucious On Empire?
What Happened To Lucious On Empire?

Lucious gets upset because Cookie’s name wasn’t included in the song’s credits.  Hakeem calls out Andre for acting like he’s better than the family and then Jamal insults Hakeem for trying to at like a thug.

Lucious gets upset and tries to commit suicide by jumping in the lake.  Cookie warns him that he can’t swim but Lucious doesn’t care.  Luckily, the Lyons stop Lucious before he jumps into the water.

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