Toya Wright Boyfriend 2018 – Robert “Red” Rushing

Toya Wright’s baby father is sports manager, Robert “Red” Rushing.  He’s a hustler! Toya knows how to find them.  Rushing owns a clothing brand called 2commas and a travel business called Rush.  He is a major upgrade for Toya.  I’m glad she divorced Memphitz and I would love to see her and Red get married!

Robert "Red" Rushing
Robert “Red” Rushing

In the video below, Toya Wright reveals that she’s pregnant.  A therapist comes to her house to help her and her daughter, Reginae Carter sort things out.  The therapist thinks Reginae is the person who needs assistance and asks her what she’s dealing with.  Reginae reveals that it’s actually her mother who needs help.

Toya then shows off her baby bump and everyone’s wondering: Who is Toya Wright’s new boo? Next, we see an advertisement for Toya’s new book, You Just Don’t Get It! The book will be available on October 26, 2017 on Toya’s website.

Antonia “Toya” Wright’s last boyfriend was Fabolous’ right hand man Darryl “Mr. Ruggs” McKinney.  The Jasmine Brand reports that Toya is pregnant.  According to Bossip, Toya’s new baby daddy is a sports manager and agent who represents numerous athletes.  I’m happy Toya is done with Memphitz.  K. Michelle warned the world about the producer.

Darryl is one of Fab’s closest friends and a member of the Street Family.  In 2015, Darryl’s brother, Carl McKinney, was murdered in Brooklyn.  That could be how Darryl and Toya connected.  They both lost brothers so they are able to relate to each other’s pain.  Last year, Toya’s brothers, Rudy and Josh were murdered in New Orleans.

Toya Wright Boyfriend 2017
Toya Wright Boyfriend 2017
Here’s another pic of Darryl and Toya:
Toya Wright Boyfriend 2017
Toya Wright Boyfriend 2017
Some think Toya is too old to be having kids but she’s only 33.  She gave birth to her and Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter, when she was 15 and Wayne was 16.

The tweet above explains that Toya has been in a relationship for more than a year and she has been able to keep it private.  She has been on multiple reality shows but has still managed to keep her love life secret.

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