Stacey Chambers – Baller Wives

Stacey Chambers turned up in the season finale of Baller Wives.  VH1 has introduced another reality series that I’ve fallen in love with.  Season 1 started with the beef between Stacey and Kijafa Vick.  Stacey is the wife of former NFL star Chris Chambers and Kijafa is married to Michael Vick.

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In the first episode of Baller Wives, Kijafa’s friend, Carmena, throws a drink on Stacey while she was pregnant.  In the season finale, Stacey confronts Carmena about the incident.  Stacey and Kijafa have discussed the incident and squashed their beef so all Carmena needs to do is apologize.  This is reality TV so it’s never that simple.

Stacey Chambers Baller Wives
Stacey Chambers Baller Wives

The tweet below explains that Kijafa can’t force Carmena to apologize to Stacey.  Carmena threw the drink on Stacey after Stacey said something about Kijafa’s mother.  Stacey didn’t know Kijafa’s mother was dead.

Stacey gave Carmena a lollipop at Miko’s event and when Carmena threw the lollipop back at Chambers, Stacey tried to fight her.  I guess Carmena didn’t like the flavor of the lollipop.  I can’t wait to see if there will be a second season of Baller Wives.

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