Spike Lee – Net Worth 2018

Spike Lee’s net worth is $45 million.  In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, Lee discussed President Donald Trump’s tactics.  Trump has been infatuated with the NFL lately so it was only right for the award-winning director to make a football reference.  Lee supported Colin Kaepernick when the former NFL star took a knee and he continues to do so.

“What Trump is good at is the misdirection play.  You’re following the guy down the field and think he has a football, but the other guy’s down the other way and high-tailing it and high-stepping into the end zone.” Spike Lee is brilliant and his analysis of Donald Trump is exactly correct.  The president does a great job of distracting us with issues that don’t matter.

Spike Lee Net Worth 2017
Spike Lee Net Worth 2017

President Trump’s attention should be on Puerto Rico but instead he’s been worried about the NFL.  Lee says that the people on Trump’s bandwagon will be on the wrong side of history.

From Obamacare to North Korea, Trump should have time to even think about professional sports.  The more we advise him to focus on issues that matter, the more he speaks about issues that don’t matter.  Do you think he’ll get impeached?

Check out the full interview below:

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