Spencer James Hight – Meredith, Plano, TX Shooting

Spencer and Meredith Hight was the couple involved in the Plano, TX shooting.  The couple got married 6 years ago on September 11.  Some think their marriage was cursed considering the horrific tragedy that occurred on 9/11.  Meredith was 27 and had recently filed for divorce.  Spencer decided to take things into his own hands.

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Spencer murdered Meredith and 7 of her friends

Meredith had some friends over to watch the Dallas Cowboys game and Spencer decided to ruin the party.  He shot and killed Meredith and 7 of her friends.  When police showed up they shot and killed Spencer.  Only one person survived the shooting.  Marriage counseling should be mandatory.  Marriage can be difficult but domestic violence never solves any problems.

Spencer James Hight Meredith Plano TX Shooting
Spencer James Hight Meredith Plano TX Shooting

There were at least 2 other incidents of violence in Meredith’s marriage

The video at the end of this article explains that this wasn’t the first incident of violence in Meredith and Spencer’s marriage.  Spencer’s actions were extreme and outrageous but there were prior signals that I wish Meredith would have acted on.  If your significant other is violent you need to seek professional help.  An apology won’t fix the problem.

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