Snapchat Screenshot Glitch – 2017, Hack Recording iOS 11

People are complaining about Snapchat’s screenshot glitch.  Apple just released iOS 11 and Snapchat users are receiving notifications explaining that people are taking screenshots of their content.  Don’t get too excited.  Your followers love you but the notifications are false.  Snapchat and Apple have to get it together.  People are panicking about the screenshots.

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Snapchat got popular because users felt like the app protected their content.  Most users fully understand that the photos and videos they share on Snapchat are far from private.  That doesn’t mean they’re okay with people taking pictures of their content.  Some users block people who take screenshots.

Snapchat Screenshot Glitch 2017
Snapchat Screenshot Glitch 2017

Snapchat is reminding us that we can’t trust social media.  From fake news to false notifications, who can you trust? If you’re posting content that you don’t want the world to see you should stop.  Right now, there’s no way to determine if people are actually taking screenshots of your content, or not.

The pictures and videos you share on social media can be used against you in court and it never goes away.  Be more careful.  Think twice before sharing your next snap.

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