Shannon Sharpe – Ray Lewis Undisputed

Shannon Sharpe called out his “brother” Ray Lewis on Monday’s episode of Undisputed.  Ray claimed that he would never kneel for the national anthem but before Sunday’s Baltimore Ravens game, Ray was seen down on both knees.  Shannon thinks Ray may have decided to kneel in support of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump called out NFL and NBA players this past weekend.  The president advised fans to ban the NFL because of players who took a knee during the national anthem.  Shortly after Trump’s statements, Lewis was seen on his knees.  Sharpe wants some clarification.  He wants to know if Lewis was kneeling to support Trump because Lewis definitely doesn’t support Colin Kaepernick.

Shannon Sharpe Ray Lewis Undisputed
Shannon Sharpe Ray Lewis Undisputed

I completely agree with Shannon Sharpe but Ray Lewis may just be confused.  At this point, both sides of the racial divide want to boycott the NFL.  What does taking a knee mean?

Donald Trump’s messages are producing interesting results.  People were starting to forget about Kaepernick but not the former NFL player is trending news.  I think Steve Bisciotti, owner of the Baltimore Ravens, should sign Kaepernick.  The move could help Ray Lewis improve his image.

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