Sanaa Lathan Hair – Shaved

Sanaa Lathan shaved her head.  She pulled an Amber Rose by cutting off her hair and we love it.  In the video below, the actress explains that she feels lighter and like she can fly away.  Keke Wyatt recently cut her hair off to support one of her children who has been in and out the hospital with cancer.

Lathan still looks gorgeous without hair.  Women are so much more than their hair.  Entertainers are doing a wonderful job spreading that message.  Social media has us in a matrix where the fake is being praised more than the real.  Last year, Alicia Keys inspired women around the world when she announced that she would no longer be wearing makeup.

Sanaa Lathan Hair Shaved
Sanaa Lathan Hair Shaved

The video below shows Lathan reveal her new hairstyle:

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Sanaa recently shared a picture of herself with blonde hair but that didn’t last long.  It’s great seeing actors grow in Hollywood.  Many of us were introduced to Sanaa in 2000 thanks to Love and Basketball.  Lathan was only 19-years-old when the movie came out.  Nearly two decades later, Sanaa is a veteran who continues to put in hard work.

What do you think about Sanaa Lathan’s new hairstyle? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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