Munroe Bergdorf – Wiki, Before And After

Munroe Bergdorf is the transgender model who was fired by L’Oreal.  The picture below shows Bergdorf before and after her surgery.  Munroe was L’Oreal’s first transgender model.  She was fired after making remarks about institutional racism.  We live in a world where free speech is protected so L’Oreal will definitely lose loyal customers.

In a Facebook rant, Munroe claimed that all white people are racist.  This was the wrong time for Bergdorf’s rant.  People of all races have been seen in Houston, coming together, to help each other.  I’ve seen white people helping people of other races and vice versa.  It’s difficult to convince the world that all white people are racist when there are so many white people in relationships other races.

Munroe Bergdorf Wiki Before And After
Munroe Bergdorf Wiki Before And After

Munroe was born in Essex, a county in the East of England.  She was born in 1984.  When she was 19, she moved to Brighton where she attended college.

She started her rant by explaining that she doesn’t have energy to talk about racial violence but then that’s exactly what she did.  Bergdorf proclaimed that the success of whites has been built on the backs, blood and death of people of color.

While I don’t agree with Munroe’s statements, the tweet below makes a very valid point:

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