Montia Sabbag Instagram – Kevin Hart’s Mistress

In the video below, Lisa Bloom explains that Kevin Hart reached out to her client, Montia Sabbag to ask her if she was the extortionist.  Montia assured Kevin that she was not the extortionist.  Bloom says Kevin and Montia met on the way to Las Vegas.
Bloom explains that Montia did not plan to meet Kevin.  The only device she had with her was an iPhone which was seen in some of the pictures so it’s clear that she is not the extortionist.
Lisa Bloom Montia Sabbag
Lisa Bloom Montia Sabbag

Lisa Bloom is one of the most successful entertainment lawyers in the world.  She handles high-profile cases and understands how to manage the needs of celebrity clients.  Celebrities’ reputations are vital and Bloom knows how to protect them.  She’s a real-life Olivia Pope!

Montia Sabbag is Kevin Hart’s mistress and she could be the extortionist.  Her Instagram name is @MontiaSabbag but she deleted all her pics.  Multiple media outlets report that Monique “Momo” Gonzalez could be the extortionist.  She’s the Miami singer who was seen in a car with Kevin a few months ago.

We fell in love with Kevin because he’s an idiot and we shouldn’t be surprised to find out that he’s still an idiot.  Montia is a traveling stripper.  I think that’s code language for a prostitute.  Kevin met her in Las Vegas.  Sabbag is 27-years-old and denies being involved in the scandal which is currently being investigated by the FBI.

Montia Sabbag Instagram Kevin Hart's Mistress
Montia Sabbag Instagram Kevin Hart’s Mistress

Kevin met Montia in August 2017, so yes, the comedian cheated on his pregnant wife.  The leaked video shows Kevin’s head in Montia’s chest while his hand is on her thigh.  The tweet below explains that Montia most likely wanted too much money so Kevin decided to come clean.

Prior to this incident, Hart could do no wrong.  He loved giving life lessons.  He was starting to get annoying so I’m hoping this will humble him.

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