Mia Angel Burks Instagram – Carmelo Anthony Mistress

Mia Angel Burks’ Instagram name is miaangel_ but her account is private.  Carmelo Anthony’s mistress has ruined his marriage.  La La and Melo’s prenup will guide the division of their $200 million fortune.  La La has been seen without her wedding ring.  I don’t think there’s any chance that La La will stay with the NBA star.

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Mia Burks Ryan Henry

Mia was brought up in the last episode of Black Ink Crew Chicago.  She was in a brief relationship with 9 Mag owner, Ryan Henry.  In the preview for the next episode, Ryan finds out that he might be the father of Mia’s child.  I’m pretty positive they just chose to explore this storyline for more viewers.  Carmelo Anthony is the father of Mia’s unborn child.

Mia has moved to North Carolina

Mia moved to North Carolina.  That was a great decision considering the public’s reaction to Melo and La La’s split.  Everyone loves La La and they have a son together.  Mia has become the most popular mistress in the world, overnight.  Melo and Mia’s love child will experience ridicule and North Carolina is a great place for Mia to lay low.

Mia Angel Burks Instagram Carmelo Anthony Mistress
Mia Angel Burks Instagram Carmelo Anthony Mistress

Mia is 6 months pregnant

Mia is about 6 months pregnant.  She could give birth on the same day as Beyonce.  Melo and La La’s son, Kiyan, celebrated his 10th birthday on March 7, 2017.  As you know, Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z, allegedly cheated on her.  The rapper’s infidelity was the inspiration for Beyonce’s album, Lemonade.  We’re praying for the Anthonys!

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