Masika Kalysha – Net Worth 2018

Masika Kalysha’s net worth is $650,000.  On episode 11 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season 4, “Friends With Benefits” we see Masika get into a heated argument with Zellswag.  They started season 4 as friends but now they hate each other.  Zellswag is now friends with Alexis Skyy and Masika isn’t happy about it.

Masika claims that she helped Zellswag by introducing him to her connects in the fashion industry.  Zellswag doesn’t approve of Masika’s relationship with Misster Ray.  Masika and Zellswag are both crazy and if they get into a fight one of them could end up dead.  They both make very disrespectful comments and they should stay away from each other.

Masika Kalysha Net Worth 2017
Masika Kalysha Net Worth 2017

The following tweet explains that Masika claims that she made Zellswag famous yet Masika herself isn’t famous.  Her fame has increased over the last few years but she’s not as lit as she thinks she is.

The tweet below explains that Masika threw numerous objects at Zellswag but she wasn’t trying to throw them hands by actually fighting him.  You have to remember that Zellswag is a man.  He would demolish Masika in a fight.

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