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Lyrica Anderson Twin Sister

On the “Now or Never” episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood we find out that Lyrica Garrett had a daughter that passed away when she was three years old.  Lyrica Anderson spent her younger years in and out of the hospital on a regular basis.  Her and her twin sister were born premature.  Her sister fell consistently ill and ultimately passed away.


This explains why Lyrica puts so much time and effort into her music.  She feels like she is living for both herself and her sister.  Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is not the first time she has been in the spotlight.  She is one of the most popular singer you haven’t heard of but the reality series is changing that fast.

Here’s a picture of Lyrica’s mother and her twin, Aida:

Lyrica Anderson Twin Sister Aida
Lyrica Anderson Twin Sister Aida

In episode 8 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s fourth season, “Squad Goals” Lyrica announces the title of her upcoming album: Aida.  She finally got her husband, Floyd A1 Bentley to focus on her career and it’s working out great for both of them.  A1 explains that marriage has been great now that his queen is happy.

Lyrica Garret can be very hard on her daughter at time and now we know exactly why.  Garrett sees Anderson as the one chosen to carry on her sister’s story.  When a parent loses a child they often become over protective with their other children.  We have seen this throughout this season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

A1 gets frustrated because Garrett is always around and in their business.  He has to understand what Anderson and her family have been through and respect they way they’ve managed to cope with the tragedy.  When a loved one passes away, the person’s family comes together, strengthening their bond.  I understand that having Garrett around can be difficult, but A1 will have to get used to it.

By Jason John

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