LeBron James – Tweet About Steph, Trump Beef

LeBron James used his Twitter account to call out President Donald Trump.  The president announced that Steph Curry was no longer invited to the White House and LeBron tweeted that Steph said he wasn’t going.  LeBron further explained that going to the White House was a great honor until Trump showed up.

Kevin Durant also announced that he wouldn’t be going to the White House.  Trump needs to leave professional athletes alone.  He recently insulted NFL Anthem kneelers, explaining that they should be fired.  Multiple NFL owners donated to Trump’s presidential campaign.  There’s no hope for Colin Kaepernick.

LeBron James Tweet About Steph Trump
LeBron James Tweet About Steph Trump

Kobe Bryant also voiced his opinion about Donald Trump.  In the tweet below, Bryant explains that Trump’s name alone is creating division and anger therefore how could he make America great again?

Donald Trump loves drama.  He enjoys arguing and performs best in chaotic situations.

LeBron called Trump a bum and Kim Jong Un recently called the president a dotard.  I can’t wait to see Trump get impeached.  He’ll respond to each person who has insulted him with no filter.

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By Jason John

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