Keke Wyatt, Michael Jamar – Divorce

Keke Wyatt and Michael Jamar are done.  In the video at the end of this article, Keke explains that her and Michael are getting a divorce.  It looks like Marriage Boot Camp didn’t work.  Keke says that she’s 8 months pregnant and she has another child that’s in and out of the hospital.  This is a horrible time for her to find out that Michael wants a divorce.

In the video below, Keke makes it sound like Michael has been cheating.  She says that Michael has been telling other women that they were getting a divorce in case Keke decided to contact them.  This situation proves that you have to understand when a relationship is over.  When children are involved, it’s easy to try to make things work but that could be doing more harm than good in the long term.

Keke Wyatt Michael Jamar Divorce
Keke Wyatt Michael Jamar Divorce

I’m praying that Keke gets the help she needs.  Her mental health is vital right now since she’s 8 months pregnant.  Michael is her husband and he’s important to her but it’s time for her to put her kids first.  She has a child with cancer and will soon be raising a newborn.  I hope Michael helps her with the children.  That’s the least he can do considering everything he’s putting her through.

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By Jason John

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