Kathleen Lights Snapchat Name 2017

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Kathleen Fuentes aka Kathleen Lights lost some fans today.  She was seen on Jaclyn Hill’s Snapchat Story using the N word.  Didn’t Michael Richards aka Kramer teach the world anything? The use of the N word is not acceptable.  Entertainers continue to lose fans and endorsement deals because they refuse to stop using the word.

The video above shows Kathleen playing video games.  She’s most likely drunk and she drops the N bomb.  Her boyfriend tells the person filming not to post the video but the person didn’t listen.  Kathleen is a social media influencer therefore the video above will cost her millions.

Kathleen Lights Snapchat name is Kathizzle11:

Kathleen Lights Snapchat Name 2017
Kathleen Lights Snapchat Name 2017

It looks like Jeffree Star isn’t the only one that uses the N word.  I hope they don’t try to justify their use of the word.  Just apologize and take a break.  Patience is the key to bouncing back.  If I was Kathleen, I would try to work behind the scenes for another YouTuber.  Her fans will need a few months to get over this one.

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By Jason John

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