Karen Turner Killed – Richmond, VA

Karen Turner is the woman from Chesterfield County, Virginia who was shot and killed after a feud with another woman over a man.  She pulled up to the Blue Ridge Apartments in South Richmond, Virginia on Thursday, August 24, 2017.  Investigators say that she pulled out a gun.  The 33-year-old recently graduated from the University of Phoenix.

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Turner approached a pregnant woman, at the Blue Ridge Apartments, who claimed that Turner’s boyfriend was the father of her unborn child.  Please stop fighting over men.  Once you reach a certain age, beef is not worth it.  Turner was a mother who was getting her life together.  She was on a positive path and let this situation distract her.

Karen Turner Killed Richmond VA
Karen Turner Killed Richmond VA

In the video below, Turner’s family explains that she was thinking about getting her masters degree.  She had plans to develop a franchising option for the salon she owned.  She was planning to expand to North Carolina.

The pregnant woman that killed Karen claims she did so in self-defense.  She’ll most likely spend the rest of her life in jail.  That’s two lives lost over a man.

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