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Kanye West Fat? Weight Gain 2017

Did Kanye West gain weight? Yes and people are fat-shaming him on social media.  The Life of Pablo was a successful album but Kanye’s life has been crazy lately.  He’s dealing with a lawsuit involving his Saint Pablo Tour and Jay Z revealed that him and the Chicago rapper are no longer on speaking terms.

During an interview with Rap Radar, Jay Z explained that him and Kanye needed to talk out their differences.  Jay didn’t appreciate Kanye talking about Beyonce and Blue Ivy.  It looks like Kanye and Jay had their talk because Kanye is looking happier than ever.  He has been eating good and we can’t blame him.

Kanye West Fat? Weight Gain 2017
Kanye West Fat? Weight Gain 2017

When you release a song titled “Kanye’s Workout Plan” where you poke fun at women’s weight you have to expect people to be critical of your weight.  Social media is having a field day with Kanye’s weight gain.

In the tweet below, Kanye looks like he just graduated.  I love seeing the rapper happy.  Some people are saying they love seeing him happy again but Kanye has never been happy.  In his College Dropout days he was passionate and recently Mr. West has been mad at the world.

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By Jason John

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