Kade Speiser Snapchat Name – Hacked?

Scroll to the snapcode for Kade Speiser’s Snapchat name!

Kade Speiser’s Snapchat account was hacked.  The hacker posted numerous private videos and messages from Kade.  Multiple pictures of Kade smoking were shared.  Speiser was born on July 29, 1995 in Detroit, Michigan.  The videos that were leaked also show him making negative comments about Team 10.

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Many of the Team 10 members are underage.  The hacker leaked videos that show alcohol at the Team 10 house.  This may not seem like a big deal but Team 10 members are role models.  Many of their fans are young and follow their lead.

Kade Speiser’s Snapchat name is Hip_Chubby:

Kade Speiser Snapchat Name
Kade Speiser Snapchat Name

Jake Paul recently travelled to Houston where he was seen offering help.  A group of his fans, the Jake Paulers, made their parents travel through flood waters to meet him.  Jake tried to organize a charity event at a Wal-Mart in Houston but his fans got too excited and ruined the event.

The following tweet proves how much Kade was smoking on his Snapchat Story.  He should contact the social network ASAP to try to close his account.

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