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Is Young Joc Gay? – Wearing A Dress

Is Young Joc gay? No, the rapper is not gay but he was spotted wearing a dress.  In the video at the end of this article, he explains that he had to man up and put on a dress for a movie role.  Last year, people made fun of Young Joc’s new hairstyle.  He’s currently doing multiple television shows so at least he’s securing the bag.

We make fun of Young Joc for dressing like a woman but when Martin Lawrence did it we loved it.  Joc is no longer focused on creating new music and he’s transitioning into comedy.  From Martin to Jamie Foxx to Tyler Perry, comedians have been dressing like women for decades.  How can we judge Joc while giving other entertainers an easy pass?

Is Young Joc Gay? Wearing A Dress
Is Young Joc Gay? Wearing A Dress

A few years back, Karlie Redd claimed that Joc was gay but no one believed her.  I think Joc’s career as a rapper made people put him in a box.  It’s no longer going down and the former rapper is adapting.

Diddy usually leaves his old artists broke.  Mase was unable to adapt once his music career dried up and Joc is doing the exact opposite.

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By Jason John

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