Irene Roberts – Chicago

Irene Roberts is one of Kenneka Jenkins friends who was with Jenkins before she was found dead in a freezer.  Many have confused Irene with Kenneka’s other friend, Monifah Shelton.  A fake news website shared a false report that claimed Shelton committed suicide.  Monifah is not dead and will be investigated for Kenneka’s death.

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Some of Kenneka’s other friends claim that Monifah set Kenneka up with dangerous men for money. These young ladies are making headlines for all the wrong reasons.  The incident reminds us why there is a legal drinking age.

Irene Roberts Chicago
Irene Roberts Chicago

The hotel where the incident occurred is located in Rosemont, Illinois, northwest of Chicago.  Kenneka was only 19 and had so much life to live.

Underage drinking at hotels is a problem that continues to be ignored.  Hotels have no incentive to do anything about it because they want to maximize profits.

Hopefully this tragic incident will lead to change.  When a teen attends a hotel party, they’re often experiencing freedom for the first time.  Once they are in the room and the door is locked they can forget their morals.

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