How Many Kids Does Antonio Cromartie Have?

Antonio Cromartie has 14 kids.  The NFL player recently announced the birth of his baby girl.  His daughter is his third child since he had a vasectomy.  A couple has less than a 1% chance of getting pregnant after a vasectomy but Antonio is defeating the odds.  Cromartie’s wife, Terricka gave birth to their daughter, Jhett, on August 30, 2017.  Scroll to the Instagram post below to hear what Michael Rapaport had to say about Antonio’s 14 children.

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Antonio’s wife, Terricka, has a daughter from a previous relationship: Jordynn Trinity.  Antonio has seven girls.  His oldest daughter is Karis Marie Ford.  Her mother is Veronica Marie Ford and they live in San Diego.  His second oldest daughter is Deyjah.  She lives in Houston with her mother, Latoya Burley.  Antonio’s next oldest daughter is London and she lives in North Carolina with her mother, Rhonda Patterson.

How Many Kids Does Antonio Cromartie Have?
How Many Kids Does Antonio Cromartie Have?

Cromartie’s next oldest daughter is Leilani.  She has the same mother as Deyjah: Latoya Burley and they live in Houston.  The mother of Antonio’s three youngest daughters is his current wife, Terricka. The couples daughters include Jurzie Blue, J’adore Nayvi and Jhett Paxton.


Cromartie’s oldest son is his first child Alonzo Pierre.  He lives in New Jersey with his mother, Rosemita.  His next oldest son is Antonio Jr.  He lives in Georgia with his mother Erin.  Tyler Jae is the football player’s third son.  He lives in Los Angeles with his mother, Latoya Burley.  Antonio’s fourth son, Julian, lives in San Diego with his mother, Tina.

Antonio has two sons with his current wife: Jagger Beau and Jynx Revell.

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