Hazel E – Katt Williams Relationship Is Over

Hazel E and Katt Williams are officially done.  Hazel got her “Katt Williams” tattoo covered with flowers.  Hazel has been showing off her new boyfriend, Rose Burgandy on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.  He’s an 18-year-old aspiring rapper who Hazel can boss around.  Katt is 43 and was most likely bossing Hazel around.

Last year, Hazel and Jhonni Blaze went at it on social media over Williams.  Jhonni posted a picture of her and Katt and Hazel went crazy.  A month before Jhonni posted the pic Hazel announced that her and Williams were taking a break.  The comedian was arrested for another incident and Hazel could no longer handle the drama.

Hazel E Katt Williams Relationship
Hazel E Katt Williams Relationship

Earlier this year, Katt was in court for an incident involving actress, Jamila Majesty.  She claims that the comedian and his girls beat her up and even burned her with cigarettes.  I blame Katt’s outrageous behavior on his previous relationship with Suge Knight.  The former CEO of Death Row Records didn’t respect the law and Katt followed his lead.

The following video shows Hazel’s new bae, Rose Burgandy rapping.  Do you think he’s talented?

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What do you think about Hazel E’s relationship with Katt Williams? Do you think they made a cute couple? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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