Following Me – Facebook Hoax, Block List

The Facebook message that claims you can see who is following you from your blocked list is a hoax.  When you type in “following me” from the block section of Facebook you see people associated with the words “following” or “me.” Don’t be alarmed when you see random people after typing the words into your Facebook search bar.

Facebook currently has more serious issues to deal with.  Evidence has surfaced proving that Russians used Facebook to manipulate last year’s presidential election.  There has been a great debate surrounding the pros and cons of social media.  Fake news, like the following me hoax, is an issue that social media networks cannot fix.  How do you separate the real from the fake?

Following Me Facebook Hoax Block List
Following Me Facebook Hoax Block List

The tweet below explains that the following me hoax is getting old just like fake news on Facebook.  Fake news continues to ruin social media and it got Donald Trump elected.

Russians used sophisticated bots to manipulate Facebook news feeds.  This was the digital war people have been predicting for decades and the U.S. didn’t even see it coming.  The Russians hit us where it hurts: They used strategic tactics to control the outcome of the presidential election.  Russia is more dangerous than North Korea.

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By Jason John

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