Fameolous Kevin Hart Video – Deleted

The Kevin Hart video was on Fameolous but it has been deleted.  You know you have serious money when your PR team can make content disappear.  Hart’s lawyers are working hard to make sure the video doesn’t do too much damage.  I think this is the wrong approach.  We fell in love with Kevin because of his honesty but now he’s being shady.

Kevin Hart cheated on his new wife, Eniko Parrish and his ex-wife, Torrei Hart knew he would.  People think that Kevin knew this scandal was coming so he donated to Houston to try to save his image.  Hart has admitted to cheating in the past but since then he has presented himself as a perfect family man.

Fameolous Kevin Hart Video Deleted
Fameolous Kevin Hart Video Deleted

While cheating is still frowned upon, more couples are recovering and moving passed it.  Beyonce is one of the most popular singers in the world and she forgave Jay Z for cheating.  We don’t know if Beyonce was pregnant when Jay cheated on her.  Multiple media outlets report that Eniko was pregnant when Kevin decided to cheat.

I think Eniko will divorce Hart after she gives birth.  What do you think about Kevin Hart’s video being deleted from Fameolous? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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