Demi Mawby – Tyga, Plastic Surgery

Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, Demi Mawby, is breaking the Internet one Instagram post at a time.  Like another one of Tyga’s girlfriends, Kamilla Osman, people think Demi had plastic surgery.  Demi made headlines after being seen with Tyga and her fame continues to increase.  She currently has more than 5 million Instagram followers.

Demi was born on March 27, 1995 in Birmingham, England.  She recently became the new face of Wolf and Whistle, a women’s swimwear company based in the United Kingdom.  If I had to say something positive about Tyga it’s this: The rapper knows how to find hard working women.

Demi Mawby Tyga Plastic Surgery
Demi Mawby Tyga Plastic Surgery

Here’s a picture of Demi before the plastic surgery:

Demi Mawby Tyga Plastic Surgery
Demi Mawby Tyga Plastic Surgery

Tyga should leave hip hop alone and focus on developing talent.  From Kylie Jenner to Blac Chyna, Tyga is doing something to these women that motivates them to work hard.  Kylie is a member of the Kardashian family so we all knew she would be successful but she’s becoming more popular than Kim!

Then there’s Blac Chyna.  It’s one thing to have babies with famous entertainers, it’s another thing to build an empire on their shoulders.  Chyna is a hustler and she’s just getting started.

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By Jason John

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