David Mack – Biggie, LAPD

David Mack was the LAPD cop on Suge Knight’s payroll.  If you watched Who Shot Tupac and Biggie? then you most likely think Mack shot Biggie.  In 1997, Mack robbed a Bank of America in Los Angeles with three accomplices.  He was dating Errolyn Romero, a manager at the bank.  David entered the bank in August of 1997 and told Errolyn that he wanted access to a safe deposit box.

Errolyn led Mack to the safe deposit boxes where he threw her to the ground and took $722,000.  Errolyn later confessed that Mack was her boyfriend and that he planned the bank robbery.  Mack was arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison.  David was released in 2010.

David Mack Biggie LAPD
David Mack Biggie LAPD

Mack grew up in the same neighborhood as Suge Knight.  In 2007, a civil case was brought against the LAPD by Biggie’s estate.  Mack was named as a defendant but in 2010 the suit was voluntarily dismissed.

Former LAPD detective Russell Poole believed that Mack and Suge killed Biggie in retaliation for Tupac’s death.  The sad part is Biggie didn’t have anything to do with Tupac’s death.

Do you think David Mack had anything to do with the murder of Biggie Smalls? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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