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Brooke Valentine – Son, Net Worth 2018

Brooke Valentine has an adorable son named London.  In episode 11 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s fourth season, “Friends With Benefits” Brooke gets into a fight with Hazel E over Daniel “Booby” Gibson.  Hazel calls Brooke out because she hasn’t had a hit song in more than a decade.  You may remember her 2006 hit “Girlfight.”

Brooke Valentine’s net worth is $500,000.  One reason she hasn’t been able to focus on her career is because her son has cerebral palsy.  The disorder is caused by damage to the developing brain before birth.  London suffered a stroke shortly after he was born.  He suffered multiple seizures when he was less than one day old.


Brooke Valentine Son Net Worth 2017
Brooke Valentine Son Net Worth 2017

Brooke calls London her Tiny Hero.  It’s easy to judge Brooke based on what you think you know about her career but there’s a reason she decided to stop focusing on music.  Her son needed her attention and she’s a great mother.


The following tweet shows that viewers were frustrated watching Marcus Black and Brooke’s relationship.  Marcus did Brooke wrong first so Brooke shouldn’t have been the one apologizing.  Either way, I’m glad they got over their differences and I hope they end up getting married.

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