Brooke Valentine, Daniel Gibson, Marcus Black – Love Triangle

Brooke Valentine’s revenge on Marcus Black is going too far.  In Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season 4, episode 10, “Musical Chairs” Valentine almost gets in a fight with Hazel E over Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.  In the previews for the next episode of #LHHH we finally see Brooke coming to her senses.

Marcus did Brooke wrong but she’s still in love with him.  Instead of forgiving him and moving on she is making a fool of herself.  Boobie is a cheater just like Marcus so Brooke should leave the former NBA star alone.  Comedian, Kevin Hart, recently proved that once you’re a cheater, you’re always a cheater.

Brooke Valentine Daniel Gibson Marcus Black
Brooke Valentine Daniel Gibson Marcus Black

The following tweet explains that Boobie still wants Keyshia and I don’t blame him! Keyshia is reminding the world why we fell in love with her.  She has a great personality and she’s gorgeous.  Cole is also the most talented person on the series.

Boobie’s music doesn’t impress me but recording a song with Keyshia would be the perfect upgrade.  They still have a great friendship despite Boobie’s cheating past.

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