Beard Game Matters “Gang” – Facebook Group, Mike McMillan

The Beard Game Matters Facebook group not “gang” went viral.  You gotta love a man that takes care of his beard.  The group was created by Mike McMillan.  The description reads “Men with beards and the beautiful ladies who love them.” The group’s popularity reminds us that the black hair industry is here to stay.

McMillan is from Greensboro, North Carolina.  He created the Facebook group to share grooming tips with friends.  He had no clue his creation would go viral.  The possibilities are endless on Facebook, proving that there’s strength in numbers.  While Beard Game Matters is dedicated to beard care, members have been posting revealing pictures of themselves, explaining why the group went viral.

Beard Game Matters Gang Facebook Group
Beard Game Matters “Gang” Facebook Group

The following tweet sums up the reactions of most women after they join the group and see the pics being shared.  The group could be called “Body Game Matters” considering all the shirtless pictures being shared but I’m not complaining.  I love seeing brothers embrace their manhood.  Keep your beard tight and the ladies will treat you right!

I found great tips in the group, including how to avoid razor bumps.  If you want to see some interesting content on a regular basis I would definitely join the group.

What do you think about the Beard Game Matters? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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