Ashanti Billie – Boyfriend, Found

Ashanti Billie’s boyfriend had nothing to do with the college student’s disappearance and death.  He was in basic training in Fort Jackson, SC.  Him and Ashanti had a great relationship and she had plans to visit him next month for his graduation from the Army.  Sadly, Ashanti’s remains were found behind a church in North Carolina.

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Ashanti Billie is the Virginia Beach college student who went missing last week.  We recently published an article on Jenna Burleigh, the Temple student who was murdered earlier this month.  Ashanti was last seen entering a sandwich shop, located on the military base where she worked at.

Ashanti Billie Boyfriend, Found
Ashanti Billie Boyfriend, Found

Ashanti’s car was last seen leaving the Naval Station in Norfolk, VA.  Billie is originally from Maryland and moved to Virginia Beach for college.  She graduated from Henry A. Wise High School located in Prince George’s County, MD.  She was studying culinary arts at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach and worked at the Blimp sub shop.

Ashanti was only 19-years-old.  The FBI is currently investigating the case.  This is yet another unsolved murder and Billie’s family deserves answers.

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