Andrea Grinage – Pregnant Woman Set On Fire

Andrea Grinage is the pregnant woman who was forced to deliver her baby after her boyfriend set her on fire.  It’s one thing to be a deadbeat dad but please don’t try to kill your baby mother and/or unborn child.  You should never let a person get you mad enough to risk your freedom.  You will feel stupid once you’re in jail.

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The incident occurred on Elkwood Lane in Capitol Heights, Maryland.  Domestic violence is a serious issue in Prince George’s County.  Andrea’s neighbor explains that she smelt the fire from her apartment.

Andrea Grinage Pregnant Woman Set On Fire
Andrea Grinage Pregnant Woman Set On Fire

Sadly, Andrea suffered burns to 90% of her body.  If you’re in an abusive relationship please do whatever you need to in order to get yourself out of it.  You may think you’re strong enough to handle the abuse but you must consider what it’s doing do your kids.

Many people stay in relationships because of kids and that makes no sense if you’re arguing with your partner on a regular basis.  You’re destroying your children emotionally and they deserve better.  Be intentional about getting the help you need to save your family.

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