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Alexis Skyy – Moniece Slaughter Fight

Alexis Skyy and Moniece Slaughter discussed their fight in episode 8 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s fourth season, “Squad Goals.” The ladies disagree about who won the fight.  In the video at the end of this article, Alexis is seen speaking with Lyrica Anderson and Zell Swag.  Lyrica explains that people have been hating on her because of her relationship with Alexis.

Lyrica says that she invited Moniece and Nia to her listening party but they declined her offer because Lyrica told them that Alexis would be there.  Alexis reveals that Moniece pulled up on her as she left a restaurant and they fought.  Alexis posted a video on social media where she calls Moniece out for being jealous.

Alexis Skyy Moniece Slaughter Fight
Alexis Skyy Moniece Slaughter Fight

Zell Swag says that he heard the Alexis got beat up.  Alexis tells Zell Swag to pick a side and he explains that he should be able to be friends with members of both sides of the beef.  This is a common issue that many of us face in real life.  How do you handle a friend’s relationship with one of your enemies?

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