Xzibit Son – Tre Capital

Xzibit and his son, Tre Capital had some words for each other on social media.  The two usually appear to have a great relationship but not today.  Tre made a comment about being able to relate to having a deadbeat father and Xzibit clapped back strong.  Xzibit’s response definitely didn’t make the situation better.

Tre said: “I can relate on so many levels man.  Thank you for speaking about this @therealstylesp.”  Styles visited the Breakfast Club and spoke about the psychological effects absentee dads have on children’s minds.  The image below shows Tre giving his father a shout out on Father’s Day.  he calls him the “Best father in the entire world.”

Xzibit Son Tre Capital
Xzibit Son Tre Capital
The screenshot below shows Xzibit’s response to Tre: “No n****, I wasn’t absent.  Your mother used you as a food stamp till child support ran out.  Stop blaming me for your bulls***.  FOH. #Nowwhat”
Xzibit Son Tre Capital
Xzibit Son Tre Capital
That’s a horrible response from a father to a son who feels neglected.  Tre doesn’t have the social media following his father has so his comments would have ultimately been ignored by the public.  Xzibit’s response to Tre’s comments brings attention to the dialogue.  Xzibit should have called Tre to see why he made the comments.

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By Jason John

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